Solutions as they should be: intelligent, individual and full of good ideas.

Our product range for kitchens, bathrooms and the household

We develop, manufacture, surface finish and assemble intelligent polymer components for kitchens and bathrooms. Our products form an essential part of modern furniture and set standards in technology and design. Our trend-setting ideas and solutions are always inspired by our ambition to offer our customers maximum quality and a clear competitive edge at every level.

Drawers & Pull-outs

Our product range comprises one-piece moulded drawers for kitchens and bathrooms, practical trays for larder units, exclusive, individual dividing and organisation systems for drawers and pull-outs, special solutions for oven units as well as fronts for all popular drawer systems.


Corner Cabinets

Economic use of storage space is impossible without kitchen corner cabinets. ninka supplies the complete  pre-assembled smmetric corner cabinet mondo that can be directly used at the end costumer's location. For assymetric corner cabinets ninka supplies the well-established PowerSlide fitting. For both systems, an attractive selection of perfectly adjusted carousel trays is available.


Waste Bins

Different waste bin systems standing in a drawer or hanging in a drawer frame are available. Combinable modular bins in diffferent heights and sizes offer individual solutions for practical and efficient waste seperation. Different container solutions can also be delivered.