Looking brilliant on interior drawers

Simple. Elegant. Practical.

Adds elegance to the kitchen

This modern interior drawer front stands out with its clean design and premium feel. The newly developed drawer catch automatically opens the upper drawer, making access to stored items simple. Thanks to the stable interlock mechanism of the latch, access to the lower drawers and pull-outs is easy.

Facia interior drawer front

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Adaptable to all established drawer systems by means of different adapters
  • Torsionally stiff front
  • Design adapts to different drawer systems
  • Adapts to all standard drawer systems due to a low installation depth
  • Slightly textured surface, dyed or painted versions available



NEW: The catch facilitates the access to the upper drawer.


Finish examples

Dark grey
Platinum grey
Quartz grey
Silver painted