Compactness in both transportation and handling

Simple. Compact  


Disassembled delivery, assembly in no time at all

The compact unit for sink base cabinets satisfies the demands of both the trade and the end-user. Its compactness strikes you right from the moment you buy it. Despite a waste bin capacity of up to 32 litres (2 x 16 litres or 1 x 16 litres and 2 x 7 litres), the complete unit is small and delivered perfectly disassembled and packaged. It’s just amazing what this small box contains when you open it: A stable structure including lateral frames, a shapely case with a cover providing additional storage space, as well as a runner system allowing the waste bins to slide smoothly.

Three-part telescopic waste bins audibly lock when fully extended and then are full-sized waste bins. It’s incredible what a big and comfortable system emerges from such a small box. The tool-less assembly by means of latching connections is a true experience and could not be easier.


Finish examples

double seperation
triple separation
compact unit