The standing waste separation system

Clean. Separated.

Clean, custom-made waste separation

This intelligent waste separation system is available in different sizes and volumes. The one-piece moulded bins are particularly resistant and can be combined as a set for any application: basic, double, triple or multiple separation. The bins are kept in position by a plate with fixing nubs which is placed on the drawer bottom.

eins2vier waste separation system

  • 5 bin heights for all established drawer and cabinet types
  • Injection moulded from resistant, recyclable polymers
  • Robust, glass-fibre reinforced carrying handles fix the waste bags in place and make bin removal simple
  • The bins can also be used for the storage of cleaning agents
  • Bins suited for single or combined use
  • Matching width and depth grids


Finish examples

Bottom plate with fixing nubs
Elaborate design and small gap sizes
Optimal space utilization also below
the sink