ninka uses recycled  paper

ninka uses recycled paper – to protect people and the planet

As a plastics processing company, we regularly review our actions with regard to sustainability and seek to conserve valuable resources.

Wood and water are two of the most valuable raw materials on our planet that are still wasted in the production of conventional paper. Almost every second industrially felled tree worldwide is processed into paper. The production of fresh fibre paper requires three times as much water as the same amount of recycled paper. Energy consumption is 2.5 times higher than that of recycled, and toxic chemicals and additives are used in the production of fresh fibre paper.

Recycled paper is therefore better for the environment, better for the climate, better for the health, saves energy, saves water and produces less waste. It is not without reason that reputable environmental organisations recommend the use of recycled paper.

With this knowledge, ninka is gradually switching to 100% ecologically produced paper. In addition, there is the appeal to all employees to think carefully if everything needs to be printed out, and if so, that both the front and the back should be printed on.

Because every single step, however small, every small action, every single decision made by each of us is an active contribution to the protection of our planet.