ninka-founder Peter Wulf

Mourning for ninka-founder Peter Wulf

On the 8th July 2019 our senior director Peter Wulf died at the age of 95 years. Our founder will not be forgotten either by the plastic processing industry, by the furniture industry nor by his family, friends and business partners.

The business life of Peter Wulf, who was born on the 31th August 1923 in Amsterdam with German-French roots, was characterized by the technology of injection moulding. Together with his brother he joined his father’s company as a junior partner. Firstly, the production focused on celluloid hair-accessories and sunglasses. Later, Peter Wulf’s work shifted more and more to ninka – which he built into an established, successful supplier for the furniture industry, consumer electronics, medical and solar technology.  

Immediately after his military service Peter Wulf joined the family business, which was founded in 1928, for he could not pass the planned high school graduation (Abitur) and study of architecture because of the special circumstances during the end of the Second World War in 1945. The year 1955 set a milestone in the company’s development and thanks to the newly developed and extremely successful plastic kitchen dispenser, opened a new business sector for the medium-sized company in Bad Salzuflen: The kitchen furniture industry.


With the registration of the trademark “ninka” in 1964 and in the same year the basis for a successful growth took place, a breakthrough with kitchen drawers. Peter Wulf, now as shareholder together with his brother, continued to push the business in the area of “ninka” and in 1965 conquered the bedroom industry, 1967 the living room industry and finally the office furniture industry. In 1970, through his work, the consumer electronics industry became a partner of the family company. As a result, plastic finishing processes such as painting and hot stamping became increasingly important.

With the business expansion in 1973, the new construction of further production and storage halls at the Benzstraße in Bad Salzuflen became necessary. From the mid-1970s, the revenues of the “ninka” division dominated the total revenues. In the context of changes in the shareholder structure, it made sense to combine the business activities for which Peter Wulf was responsible in the new Ninkaplast GmbH.

With a major Japanese customer, the variety of manufacturing processes used became even wider, and the production volume and quality requirements increased. In 1986, Peter Wulf concentrated almost the entire production in the Benzstrasse (Bad Salzuflen) and in 1989 opened the production facility of Ninkaplast UK Ltd in Cwmfelinfach (South Wales).

In 1990 the final legal separation of the business activities of the two Wulf family lines took place. In the following year, Peter Wulf placed the operative business of Ninkaplast in the hands of the third generation of owners, his son and current managing partner Klaus Henning Wulf. Afterwards, Mr Wulf Senior concentrated on managing the Wulf-Holding company, took over the chairmanship of the new founded company advisory board in 2000, and from here supported the ongoing success of the company with his decades-long experiences.

Until the end, as honorary chairman of the advisory board, Peter Wulf followed the development of “ninka” with a great interest and provided valuable guidance. The care of his employees and his family, which has grown to six grandchildren and one great-grandchild, have always been close to his heart. It is due to his foresight, creativity and business acumen that ninka owes its worldwide reputation and its strong, respected position as an employer in the region.