Production + technology

Mastered complexity

Mastered complexity

The commitment to polymers as a raw material and the use of state-of-the-art technologies with more than 70 years of experience in injection moulding and surface refinement distinguishes ninka.

In production, we master both high complexity and great manufacturing depth.

Injection moulding

Injection moulding

With a three-dimensional shaping, injection moulding as our core process enables unlimited design possibilities from small to large series.

ninka have modern injection moulding machines and master the following methods – in clean room environment for special applications:

Compact injection moulding

Thermoplastic foam casting method

Micro-foam method

Two-component injection moulding

Gas-assisted moulding

Gas-assisted deflate moulding

In-mould decoration

Weld-line-free injection moulding

Metal insert moulding



The components and assemblies we manufacture are painted, printed and stamped using all kinds of methods.

Beyond the fulfillment of functional and mechanical demands, we create high-quality surfaces. Mainly automated with robots and partially in a clean room environment, ninka apply the following methods:

1- and 2-component

Laser printing

Pad printing

Hot stamping

Multi-ink screen printing
with UV drying

Assembly + joining

Assembly + joining

We assemble injection-moulded parts and other materials from plastic and wood, steel, aluminium and glass into complex assemblies by hand or with robot support. Upon request, order-related commissioning includes resale-ready packaging according to customer specification.

Special joining methods complete our range of services:

Ultrasonic welding

Induction welding

Mirror welding

Automated adhesion processes

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